Microsoft launches spell checker for Edge and Chrome; download now


With the announcement of the redesign of Office 365, which is now called Microsoft 365, Microsoft has unveiled new features for users. Among them is the Microsoft Editor extension, a spelling and grammar checker for Chromium-based browsers.

As with Word and other Office programs, the tool will assist the user while writing on the internet. With the help of artificial intelligence, it will indicate words that may be misspelled and correct possible grammatical errors.

As said, one of the highlights of Microsoft Editor is that it will act as a tool especially for browsers. Thus, in addition to being available on the new Microsoft Edge, it can be installed on Google Chrome. The download for both browsers is made in the Microsoft Store, and it already works in Brazilian Portuguese.

With that, some experts believe that the new tool could become a great rival for other extensions like Grammarly and LanguageTool. Both have very similar functions to the new broker.

According to the company, Microsoft Editor will start to be available in some countries starting today, March 31. Thus, the forecast is that the resource will be available globally to all users by the end of April.

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