Microsoft Launches Its 3D Emojis To Teams


Microsoft continues to develop more features for all of its products. Windows 11 continues to receive more users every day and the Office suite is one of the first options to use office software. Teams has also been well received and many may want to use it more often with the arrival of 3D emojis in Teams.

3D emojis come to… Microsoft Teams

Users are still waiting for the movements made by the Redmond company in its operating system. It is true that many installed the operating system paying attention to all the projects that the firm had for this new software, but it is a matter of time before they arrive. But many have been more concerned with 3D emojis than with other things, to the point of feeling disappointed that they did not come as standard.

The company has worked hard to fulfill what was seen in the presentation trailer for its new operating system and it seems that, in part, we will finally see the long-awaited 3D emojis. The company has shared on its blog the first images of what it will look like and the wide variety it will have (specifically 1,800).

At the moment, they appear in the public beta part, which will be the ones who can use them and see them before anyone else. The rest of the users will have to wait for them to come out officially in the messaging application that many companies rely on today to distribute the work electronically.