Microsoft Launches Investigation on Xbox Data Leak


In the past days, the source code of the first Xbox was revealed on the internet. Microsoft, the owner of Xbox, announced it has launched a new investigation into this huge data leak.

In a news article we sent you 2 days ago, we mentioned that the source code of the first Xbox appeared on the internet. This data leak included the core of the operating system of the OG 2001 console, a special version of Windows 2000, and more importantly, the code of Windows NT 3.5. Here Microsoft launched an investigation for this data leak.

According to the news of the Comic Book based on The Verge, this data leak first appeared earlier this month, but began to attract the main attention this week. Speaking to The Verge, Microsoft announced that they were aware of the complaints and started an investigation. Microsoft has not shared anything about its findings under investigation, and it is not yet clear whether it will share it.

Huge Xbox data leak
In the data leak, the Xbox Development Kit, various test emulators, internal documents, and even some compilation environments (build environment: expresses how an application is collected for distribution). However, the kernel and source code are in the hands of a small group, which means that there will be no serious consequences.

The first Xbox console didn’t show much in the emulators scene compared to other nostalgic consoles. The reason for this was that Microsoft used special technology in the original Xbox operating system and kernel while developing the console. For this reason, it was becoming very difficult to make the emulator.

Also, as we mentioned above, Windows NT 3.5 includes the source code among the data that emerges on the internet, and it seems that this source code is very close to the latest version. These are the things that are known about the Xbox data leak for now, and we will continue to convey new developments in this regard.


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