Microsoft launches free tool for creating websites


This week, Microsoft launched a free tool for creating websites aimed at small businesses. The service integrates the Digital Marketing Center, a special page that helps the management of social networks and advertising.

According to the company, the platform allows the creation of websites in minutes, in a very simplified and intuitive way. The goal of the launch is to eliminate cost barriers and the lack of time of companies that are starting, all to offer them an opportunity to showcase their products or services on the internet.

“Small businesses can now save time by importing the information to their website from a Facebook page or an advertising campaign. We take care of formatting the page layout, so no expertise is required, ”says an excerpt from Microsoft’s statement.

Despite the good news, for the time being the entire Digital Marketing Center, including the free platform for creating websites, is only available in English.

Microsoft also released a tutorial on how to start the site. If the entrepreneur does not have a social network for his business, he can customize the page with little information such as: name and description of the company, image for cover, business summary, photo gallery and contact.


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