Microsoft Launches Edge 91, The ‘Fastest Browser’ for Windows


Microsoft: The “fastest browser” for Windows arrived this Friday (28), defends Microsoft. The company released Edge 91, bringing features that improve the application’s performance, new skins and several bug fixes.

Among the new features is the “Hanging Tabs” mode, which, when enabled, reduces memory consumption of inactive pages by up to 82%. Through it, it is possible to define, in the settings, after how long an unused guide must be “handled” by the Edge.

In addition, Launch Booster runs some background processes as soon as the operating system boots, significantly speeding up the experience, says the company, and new themes extend browser customization.

Smoothness and consistency

Speaking of PDF, in Edge 91, Microsoft says, selecting and viewing text in files of the type has become “smoother and more consistent”; displayed pages can be sent to print; and now digital document signatures are supported.

In fact, implementations in the “Purchase” function make it possible to insert discount coupons and request a refund in the form of discounts within Bing, functionalities aimed at partner stores, but not available in all countries.

Finally, support for voice recognition APIs ensures new interactions with web content – ​​and blocking video autoplay streamlines the application’s operation, which is gradually being distributed to all supported devices.


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