Microsoft Launches Accessory Center To Control Your Devices From One Place


Microsoft: It is most common to anchor different devices on the same computer. In addition, this link is becoming more and more wireless, something that helps to have a cleaner environment if possible. But sometimes, users require much more control of what they have connected to their machine and for that there will be a new Microsoft application that will take care of it. This is the Accessory Center that is already available in the Microsoft store.

Control all your devices from a single app

Windows 10 has a settings option where you can see everything you have connected to your computer or tablet. It is a very complete tool, but in the Redmond house they have a new application with which you can control all the devices from the same place in all aspects.

The application, called Accessory Center, is activated and recognizes all the peripherals connected to the computer and you can see what each one of them is and what parameters they have assigned. As you can guess, not all devices have the same characteristics, based on the fact that you can connect from headphones to webcams that each have preferences activated.

You can see the name of the device but also what you can customize about it. For example, in the case of headphones, you will have the option to see what the maximum volume is assigned to it as well as if the microphone is activated when you speak or you have to press a button for that. The same goes for webcams, where you can choose whether to turn on HDR, contrast, or brightness.

Available for free in the Microsoft Store

As a user of a device from the Redmond brand, you want to know that you have at your disposal an application store where you can download tools. Some of them are brand of the house as is the case of Your Phone or this one that we are showing you is the Accessory Center. As we said at the beginning, it is a feature that could well be placed natively in the operating system, but for now you have to settle for this program, which is at least free. In addition, it will not take time to install it and in a few minutes you can use it.