Microsoft is testing new setup screen for Windows 10


The purpose of using people’s computers can vary. Microsoft is also working on a new feature for Windows 10, taking this into account. The software giant is testing a setup screen for Windows 10 that will make it possible to act in accordance with its intended use.

Microsoft shared the relevant information in an article published on the Windows Insider blog. In the screenshot in the article, a page titled “Personalize your device” appears. There are different options such as game, family, entertainment, lesson and creativity. Users can check one or more options here or skip this step altogether.

Since this feature is in the testing phase, no configuration is made in the users’ systems in line with the selections made for now. However, it is easily understood that this is Microsoft’s long-term goal.

For example, it seems likely that note taking and collaboration tools will be featured when the course option is selected. It is thought that the new user adding screen will be displayed immediately in the family option, and on the game side, users can set their own game settings.

To see the new Windows 10 screen tested by Microsoft, you need to sign up for the Windows Insiders program and then reset and install Windows from scratch.

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