Microsoft is also involved in the Epic and Apple war!


Microsoft intends to mediate the Fortnite payment method update battle between Epic Games and Apple. After Apple said it would also block Unreal Engine updates, Microsoft released a statement explaining why it would undermine the gaming industry.

Epic Games Apple war could undermine mobile gaming industry

Instead of being a party to this controversy that has been going on since last week, Microsoft issued a statement explaining why a game engine like Unreal Engine should not be blocked. The statement was published by Game Developer Experiences General Manager Kevin Gammill.

Unreal Engine is used in the development of many high-end mobile games, especially PUBG. After these updates were blocked, Microsoft underlined the risk of updating the games that are listed at the top on the App Store.

Microsoft believes that this hard war of the two big tech companies will harm many game developers and the mobile game industry. Saying that Apple should exclude Unreal Engine updates from this issue, Microsoft seems to have stepped in to minimize the impact of this crisis.

Epic added an alternative payment method to Google and Apple payment methods with its latest update for Fortnite. After this update, which is clearly against the Apple and Google developer agreements, Fortnite was expelled from both app markets.

Do you think Epic, who is right in the Apple war, can top game developers, including PUBG, raise their voices against Apple when Unreal Engine updates are blocked? We are waiting your comments.

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