Microsoft irks death of Apple’s Touch Bar in new video


In keeping with its controversial tradition, Microsoft once again teased Apple in a new promotional video for Surface Pro 7. In it, the Macbook Pro is pricked by the lack of innovation in its design and features offered, which on the other hand, can be found together other news on the Redmond company laptop.

This time, the main target of criticism was the Touch Bar present on Macbook Pro. The Apple solution was compared, in an acidic tone, with the new touch screen present on Surface Pro 7: “Mac gave me this little bar, but why can’t they just give me an entirely touchscreen? “asks the presenter.

The criticism made by Microsoft also matches the complaints of Apple users, who ask for the implementation of a properly touch screen or the removal of the Touch Bar – occasionally a victim of accidental touches. In that sense, Apple seems to be working on a new feature design for the next versions of the Macbook.

And don’t stop there: Microsoft also reinforces the differential in the presence of the capacitive pen already included in the package, in addition to the versatility of the Surface Pro’s detachable keyboard.

Ahead, the company curiously claims that the hybrid laptop is a “much better gaming device”, as it cannot maintain satisfactory performance because it only has integrated graphics devices, according to The Verge.

The ad, although bold, focuses on the oldest device to make the comparison. The model was replaced by the Surface Pro 7 Plus and received modest upgrades to its processor and hardware design.

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