Microsoft Invests in Startup That Fights Ransomware Attacks


Microsoft: Reinforcing the fight against ransomware attacks, which have been growing at a rate of 150% per year, especially after the start of the pandemic, Microsoft acquired an equity stake in Rubrik, cybersecurity startup based in California (United States). The agreement, announced on Tuesday (17), did not have the value of the investment revealed.

The companies will work together to develop new security solutions based on Azure, the Redmond giant’s cloud storage service. The goal is to increase data protection, preventing cyber attacks that result in file hijacking, such as the one suffered by JBS in early June.

Founded in 2014, Rubrik has been working in partnership with Microsoft for a few years, serving more than 2,000 customers worldwide. As of this new agreement, both want to “elevate the service offerings already available to the next level”, as explained in a statement.

According to the startup, “zero trust” data protection is one of the bets, using the technology for hybrid cloud and data center environments, including also Microsoft 365. With the added protection, customer information will be safe both in cases of attacks and incidents of accidental deletion and corruption.

“Zero confidence” method

In the “zero trust” approach adopted by the partners, no device, application or person connected to the network is considered trustworthy, even if they were previously verified. In this standard, data must be natively immutable, thus making it possible to avoid its modification, deletion or encryption by ransomware.

Thus, the solution provided by the company allows you to recover data after a malicious campaign, avoiding the payment of ransom to cyber criminals. Attackers often demand large amounts of money to return access to information, such as the $70 million charged by the REvil group in last month’s attack on Kaseya.


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