Microsoft investigates about DualSense in Series X / S


The Xbox Series X | S was launched with great success at the end of last year and so far its stock has not been normalized, so much demand from players! But there is always room for improvement, and Microsoft seems quite interested in the moves of its biggest rival.

According to the TechRadar website, buyers of the new video games underwent an opinion poll that, among other topics, asked whether consoles had a truly next-generation experience. Check out:

Much more intriguing, the form also asks if there are any features of the Dual Sense joystick that your consumers would like to see included in the Xbox controls in the future:

“I am aware of some features of the PlayStation controls that I would like to have present on this console”, says the topic, which then allows to check the options “Strongly agree” or “neither agree nor disagree”.

How do you feel about the controls of the new generation? What’s your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!


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