Microsoft Installing New Edge on All Windows 10 Computers with a Critical (!) Update


Microsoft automatically installs its new browser, Chromium-based Edge, on all Windows 10 computers, with automatic updates that it deems critical. Moreover, the company offers a screen that cannot be turned off at boot up to give users a chance and automatically fixes the browser to the taskbar.

Microsoft, one of the largest technology companies in the world, is known as the owner of the Windows operating system, although it has many digital and physical products, and the company continues its work on Windows 10, which it transforms into a constantly updated and improved service rather than a static operating system.

In a news article we shared with you at the beginning of June, we mentioned that Microsoft will automatically install the new Chromium-based Edge browser on devices using Windows 10, along with updates for KB4541301, KB4541302 and KB4559309. An article published in The Verge today reveals how the new Edge offers a ‘first run experience’.

New Edge is coming to all computers with automatic updates of Windows 10

Microsoft states that the automatic updates it has released for Windows 10 are ‘critical’ and underline that these updates must be made absolutely. However, the new Chromium-based Edge is installed on Windows 10 computers with an ‘automatic update’ published by Microsoft. This contradicts the statements that automatic updates are critical. Because the fact that the new Edge is not installed on Windows 10 is not a ‘critical’ situation.

More importantly, Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 users who perform automatic updates and allow the new Edge to be installed on their computer (which is not asked for you) to switch to their browser. As you can see in the screenshot below, Windows 10 welcomes users with a full-page Edge screen when the computer restarts after updating and installing the new Edge. But that’s not all.

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You encounter such a splash screen when the new Edge is installed on your computer

Windows 10 does not allow the Edge screen to appear as soon as the computer starts. Trying to close it from the taskbar also does not work CTRL + W or ALT + F4 shortcuts. So you have to click the Get Started button in the middle of the screen one way or another. When you click this button, you can see the ‘X’ button where you can close the screen. However, even when you click this button and close the screen, a “Welcome” screen opens in Edge and the app fixes itself to the taskbar. Moreover, Microsoft does not hide this policy from users and calls the Edge screen in question in the update notes as ‘first-time experience’.

It is an indisputable fact that the new Edge is a performance scanner. For this reason, he is in second place in the browser market after Chrome. However, it is not enough that Microsoft automatically installs the new Edge without prompting users to ask for their opinions, and it can be interpreted as an oppressive publicity policy that can prevent Edge’s performance from being automatically fixed on the taskbar and making users recommend it as the default browser.

Microsoft was advertising Edge on the operating system and other services for users to install Edge before automatically installing the new Edge on all Windows 10 computers. However, although Edge is now on all computers, Microsoft seems to continue the strict promotion (!) Policy until all users ‘try’ Edge.


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