Microsoft Hits Record Market Value of $2 Trillion


Microsoft reached a new level in financial terms and, last Tuesday (22), reached for the first time a market value that exceeds US$ 2 trillion.

The brand was achieved after a new appreciation of 1.1% in the company’s shares. Remember that Microsoft joined the group of companies worth $1 trillion just two years ago, and at the beginning of 2020, it was the only one that still held that position in a stable manner.

Part of the brand’s recent appreciation is a consequence of the covid-19 pandemic: Microsoft had an increase in demand for computers, systems and services such as servers and cloud storage.

Even with many countries slowly returning to normality, the idea is that the company maintains the accelerated pace in places that maintain remote work.

A title for few

Previously, only Apple had earned the rank among US companies with publicly sold shares. Another occupant of the select list is the oil giant Saudi Aramco, from Arabia Saudi.

Amazon and Google are two other US tech companies that are close to surpassing the value, with about $1.7 trillion of market value in both cases.


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