Microsoft hires former Apple executive for hardware team


Microsoft hired a former Apple executive to be a benchmark in the company’s hardware industry. This is Rubén Caballero, who is now the company’s corporate vice president, and must work in two sectors in particular: mixed reality (from the HoloLens platform) and artificial intelligence.

Interestingly, his experience at Apple was quite different. Between 2005 and 2019, his specialty was in wireless connection and communication systems: he helped develop technologies such as the internal antennas of devices like iPhones and Macs since the first generations. Caballero was a very discreet executive in relation to the press, but he made news once: he would have been the engineer who alerted Steve Jobs about possible problems with dropped calls due to the incorrect positioning of the iPhone 4 antenna – and was ignored, resulting in in a serious signal problem.

In early 2019, the veteran was in the middle of a conflict. He was the head of the project that would develop the 5G modem for the iPhone from Qualcomm equipment, but Apple’s willingness to create the components from scratch and use its own technology made him lose space for another team. He then spent a few months as a consultant until he was called by Microsoft.

Caballero has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the École Polytechnique in Montreal, Canada, with a master’s degree and an honorary doctorate in the field. He spent four years as a flight instrument and telecommunications test engineer for the Canadian Air Force, before starting to circulate with startups. In January 2005, he was hired by Apple.

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