Microsoft Hires Ex-Facebook to Improve Teams


Microsoft: Last Wednesday, the Geek Wire website reported that former Google and Facebook product leader Amit Fulay will return to Microsoft to work on “Teams For Life,” a general public variant of the eponymous program of calls. According to the source, he will work in partnership with Manik Gupta, who joined Redmond Giant recently in the role of corporate vice president.

Veterans, Gupta and Fulay have already worked together on the development of the Hangouts, Duo and Allo apps — Google’s bets to compete with other text, voice and video chat services. In this context, it is possible that Microsoft plans to invest more and more in Teams and its version for consumers, especially considering the increase of users with the recent covid-19 pandemic.

While it’s still unclear what Fulay’s role in the development of Teams For Life will be, his LinkedIn profile describes his new role as vice president of products. However, it is possible that he will act as team leader on the project, as suggested by a Microsoft job posting.

Check out a promotional video from Microsoft praising Chats — which uses Teams as the basis of operation:

In a post on his LinkedIn profile, Fulay thanked him for his experience working on Facebook, where he spent four years as a product leader in News Feed. He also said that working again for Microsoft “is like coming home,” referring to his early career at the company in 2007.

Microsoft has not yet commented on the hiring, but the move makes a lot of sense within the company’s strategy. Teams will come integrated in Windows 11 and, with that, the trend is that more users outside the corporate scope will start using the platform.


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