Microsoft Has New IP That Will ‘Blow Your Head’ In Revelation


Microsoft is known to have some new games in production for the Xbox Series X / S, and information released by Ben Decker, marketing manager for the company’s gaming division, will certainly get you excited to see what’s on the way.

Speaking to GamesRadar, the executive mentioned that there is a new property in production, as well as the fact that the title in question will “blow your mind” when it is announced. However, he did not miss any other details about this particular game.

“We have 23 studios between Xbox and Bethesda working on titles like Halo, Forza, Fallout and a new IP that we haven’t talked about yet and that will blow your mind when it’s announced,” commented Decker.


Possible hunches

Although there is no confirmed name, the internet has already anticipated to offer some guesses. One of them, for example, is that this game in question may be the new project coming from the title that works in the Hitman series, and this has already been described as a fantasy game with dragons.

Another possibility that is not ruled out is the possibility that the project mentioned by Decker is the new intellectual property in production at The Coalition, which worked on titles in the Gears of War franchise.

And you, guess what game the Xbox division marketing executive is talking about? Leave your guess in the space below for comments.


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