Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Closed Beta Period to Begin


Microsoft announced in the article it shared today that the closed beta process of Microsoft Flight Simulator VR will begin very soon. Requirements to be met for applications were also shared.

At the end of more than ten years, Microsoft published the flight simulation named Microsoft Flight Simulator, which the game world was eagerly awaiting on August 17. Microsoft Flight Simulator, which has technologies we haven’t seen in any game, was using these technologies to give us the most realistic experience.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game in which the whole world is in the game just like Microsoft’s previous game. So the flights in the game take the same time as the real world. In addition, the game also reflects the real-world weather conditions to the players and increases the experience one click.

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR tests are starting:

As you can imagine, the most striking point of Microsoft Flight Simulator is the graphics of the game. Flight simulation reflects such a detailed world to us very well. However, the game lacked a feature that many players have expected since its release.

Flight simulation did not yet support virtual reality (VR) support, which would increase the experience of players many times over. Although Microsoft announced the future of VR support, it did not give a date. But with the announcement made today, Microsoft announced that VR support will be released very soon.

Microsoft did not give a specific date for VR support, but announced that support will be released in two phases. VR support will be broadcast to the game to run on Windows Mixed Reality devices first, and on other VR devices in the second phase. The feature will not be added to the game immediately; It will be initially tested by selected players during the beta process.

How do you participate in the closed beta process?

If you want to participate in the closed beta process of Microsoft Flight Simulator VR, you must first have and do everything in the list below:

Microsoft Flight Simulator

VR headset (Windows Mixed Reality for phase 1, other VR headsets for phase 2)
Registered with Insider
Presenting DxDiag
To accept the confidentiality agreement
Meeting the minimum system requirements
If you fit this list completely, you can apply for the beta process with your Insider account. You may or may not be enrolled in the program after the evaluation process.


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