Microsoft Flight Simulator VR beta test recordings started


Microsoft Flight Simulator is an extremely impressive PC game with intense and realistic details. This high level of detail of the game, “I wonder how would this game be played in virtual reality?” makes you ask the question. It is not necessary to wait too long to get the answer to this question. Records have begun to be collected for closed beta tests of the Microsoft Flight Simulator VR version.

Certain conditions must be met to participate in this test. The first of these is the purchase of Microsoft Flight Simulator. These conditions include owning a Windows Mixed Reality headset, participating in the Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider program, and signing a non-disclosure agreement.

On the hardware side, there is a need for a powerful computer that meets the requirements such as Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics, 8 GB VRAM and 16 GB system memory.

Those who want to participate in the Microsoft Flight Simulator VR beta test must also send their DxDiag records to Microsoft. For this, it is enough to click the Start button of Windows, type “dxdiag” and press the Enter key. In this way, Microsoft can verify the technical specifications of the computer and measure whether the system is sensitive to errors. The VR version of the game is expected to be available to all users as of November.


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