Microsoft Flight Simulator Updated to Improve America


After announcing a Japan-centric update, Microsoft looks home and sets its sights on the US. The United States will be improved in the next update of Microsoft Flight Simulator, which as its name suggests, is an airplane piloting simulator.

It has been confirmed by the head of the video game, Jorg Neuman, who together with Sebastian Woch, CEO of Asobo Studios, has revealed some keys to the future of the title. For starters, he confirmed that the Japan update (now available) is not an isolated content, and that they will do the same with other territories: the next on the list is the US

The developer has drawn up its roadmap and announced that the next free update will be released this year. According to the study, the World Updates will be published every two to three months. Neuman has also anticipated that the DEM (Digital Elevation Model) that will be used for the United States will be “incredibly good.” The team is also working on the first Sim Update, which will include new features and enhancements next November. As if that weren’t enough, registrations have been opened for the virtual reality mode closed beta, which will be implemented later.

Mount Fuji in sight

The Japan patch incorporates well-known landmarks from the Japanese territory, scenes such as Mount Fuji, Yokohama, Kushiro Airport, Itsukushima Temple, and the capital, the great Tokyo. All of these places have been reconstructed thanks to Microsoft’s 3D photopolymetry technology. It remains to be seen which will be the next to arrive.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator can be found on both PC and PC’s Xbox Game Pass. The console version, which still has no date, is scheduled for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X. According to Asobo, the adaptation will be “up to the task.” They will have to outline a product that is accessible enough to maneuver with the joystick.


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