Microsoft Flight Simulator on Steam with VR Support


Microsoft Flight Simulator, which we have been closely following for the last year, can be purchased from Steam on the day of its release, according to the latest statement. The game will also receive VR support in the autumn months.

Microsoft Flight Simulator, which will save flight simulation lovers from the space they have been in for a long time, will meet us very soon. The game, developed by Microsoft, will be released through the Microsoft Store just like any Microsoft game. However, this will not be the only platform on which the game can be purchased.

Microsoft officially announced in an announcement that the new Flight Simulator will come to Steam. The game will be available for purchase on Steam on the day of its release, along with the Microsoft Store. In addition, the game will be available in 3 different versions as Standard, Deluxe and Premium Deluxe.

VR support will come in the fall:

In the same announcement it shared, Microsoft also gave good news about one of the biggest features requested for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The company has announced that VR support will come to the game. Microsoft Flight Simulator, which already fascinates everyone with its graphics, will offer a completely realistic experience with VR technology.

Microsoft will not develop VR technology alone. According to the company’s announcement, the technology will be enhanced with the Reverb G2 kit thanks to the partnership between Microsoft, Valve and HP. Although the game will not have VR support as it was released, according to the statement, it will get this technology in the autumn months (Reverb G2 will also exit).

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The technology that the new simulation will offer is not just limited to this. TrackIR support, which increases the experience of many games today, will be included in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Thanks to this technology that senses your head movement, your head movements will be reflected to the game simultaneously.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will continue to receive free updates after you log out. With these updates, the game world will be improved and the game will be edited. The game will be ‘constantly evolving simulator equipped with machine learning’ as Microsoft puts it. The game will of course also feature paid DLCs like the previous flight simulation.

Microsoft Flight Simulator immediately took its place in the Steam store after the announcement shared by Microsoft. The game, which is currently open to pre-order, will meet the players on August 18. You can use this link to go to the game’s Steam page.


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