Microsoft Flight Simulator: mod adds Easter Island


Simulación Extrema developers added this Monday (28th) a new scenario for Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing the fantastic Easter Island scenario in the form of extra content for players.

Through a trailer announcing the main news of the update, it is possible to observe countless postcards of the also known as Rapa Nui Island, with its dozens of moai statues scattered across the map and several idyllic and inspiring places for a peaceful plane ride.

In addition, the modification of Simulación Extrema also brings the Mataveri International Airport, created with its real dimensions and all the structures that make up its runways that are almost 3.4 kilometers long. Check out the video below.

Additional Easter Island content is now available for sale on the simMarket website for a suggested value of $ 17.16 (about R $ 89.14 in direct conversion).

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available for PC (via Xbox Game Pass and Steam) and will be released in 2021 for Xbox Series S / X.

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