Microsoft Flight Simulator is updated to version


Asobo Studio’s aerial simulation title receives a new patch to fix some bugs and problems reported by the community.

Asobo Studio has released Microsoft Flight Simulator update The new flight simulator of the famous saga, exclusive for Windows 10 and soon on Xbox One – always on Xbox Game Pass – receives this new patch to put an end to some of the main problems reported by players as well as certain bugs that were obstacles to installation.

In Search of Stability: Patch Notes

Based on the patch notes, let’s start by talking about stability. Asobo Studio wants to ensure that the installation is nothing more than a procedure to start playing. Now, after applying this update, Microsoft Flight Simulator will not experience crashes or hangs when configuring additional peripherals or input devices; Nor when they disconnect. Also, the game will not crash when the TBM 930 files are deleted.

Asobo also breaks down fixes when installing Microsoft Flight Simulator. From now on, the installation process eliminates the most known obstacles by using lower case letters or commands with accents when we have to register a user. In turn, some download packages were previously deleted when accessing the main menu if we had set the configuration of access to saved data as offline.

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