Microsoft Flight Simulator is running out of stock


Microsoft Flight Simulator, which has been renewed after a long time and has taken its place in the game world, has indirectly started to attract attention in the accessory world. According to new information, it seems that Microsoft Flight Simulator has started to affect the sales of joysticks the most. Previously published expectations will result in much more than it seems.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is running out of stock of joysticks

According to the analysis made after the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the stocks of different joysticks of many brands have started to run out. As far as the sales on Amazon understand, the additional equipment that many users prefer with the new game is a new joystick.

Previously, with Microsoft Flight Simulator, users mostly preferred to buy joysticks. Although it is launched by Microsoft as a game, Flight Simulator can be shown as the most successful basic flight simulation to reach the end user. Therefore, users who buy in this direction prefer to purchase joysticks for a more detailed simulation experience.

To remind you, before the release, various analyzes were published and comments were made that Microsoft Flight Simulator would have an important impact on the accessories world in general as well as its sales. It was stated that in the next 2 years, the new game will indirectly result in accessory sales ranging from 3 to 4 billion dollars.

As understood from the stock situation in the incoming sector, these expectations seem to be fulfilled. With Star Wars: Squadrons, which is expected to be released in October, these sales may increase even more. New information will continue to emerge in the following days.

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