Microsoft Flight Simulator in versions of the week


Microsoft Flight Simulator, a sequel to Microsoft’s flight simulator that aims to set new standards in the genre with realistic graphics, opens the launch week this Tuesday (18th) on the PC.

Other titles long awaited by players are also lurking, including Mortal Shell, a new indie action RPG in the style of Dark Souls that promises a lot of challenge starting this Tuesday (18) on PC, PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One In addition, there is the reimagination of Battletoads, the Rare franchise that marked the NES and that arrives in a new guise to the PC and Xbox One this Thursday (20). Check out the releases of the week below.

Microsoft Flight Simulator – PC – August 18

With more than 37 years of history, the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise is the main reference in flight simulators and should be no different with its new version. Taking advantage of Bing Maps and Microsoft Azure technologies, the game promises detailed scenarios, real-time climate variation and more than 37,000 airports represented.

Initially, the game will be released only for computers for R $ 249.95 in its basic edition on the Steam platform, but it is possible to access it without additional cost through the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Battletoads – PC and Xbox One – August 20

One of Rare’s most famous franchises, Battletoads marked a generation of players for its high difficulty in the 90s. Now, under a new guise that appeals to current cartoons, the frogs Rash, Zitz and Pimple set out on a new journey to stop the Dark Queen’s plans. The gameplay promises to be quite varied with cooperative for up to three players, alternating between classic beat ’em up, platform sections, the iconic“ motorcycle stage ”and even bullet hell – the famous spaceship games with shooting from all sides.

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The price of Battletoads has not yet been revealed on PC or Xbox One. However, all Xbox Game Pass subscribers have immediate access to the game as soon as it is available on Thursday, August 20th.

Mortal Shell – PC, PS4 and Xbox One – August 18
Mortal Shell is a new independent production that seeks inspiration in the Souls-like genre, originated by the famous franchises Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. The game seeks to test the player’s sanity and perseverance in a shattered world filled with ruthless opponents. You must attack them at the right time and the player is also able to possess carcasses of forgotten warriors to acquire new skills and explore hidden shrines to discover their true purpose. Its price remains a mystery for now.


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