Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: see release, requirements


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is the new edition of the famous flight simulator from Microsoft for PC (Steam). The series made its debut more than 37 years ago and is well known among enthusiasts, but now it reaches a new level of realism both in its driving mechanics as well as in the reproduction of the real world.

The game reveal trailer caught the attention of even those who are not fans of the genre, thanks to the very high quality graphics, and should arouse even more curiosity with the available aircraft and airports. Check out the launch, price, platforms and minimum requirements for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 below.

What is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020?

The Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise has been the main reference in flight simulators in the games market since 1982. Its premise is to travel from point A to point B, bringing up all the problems that a real pilot must face – such as conditions adverse weather conditions. The game has complex commands, but there are different types of assistance for beginners that can be removed as they master their mechanics.

The new game in the franchise will feature much more content than its predecessor, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, which was launched in 2006. Much of this is possible thanks to technology from services like Bing Maps and Microsoft Azure, which helped to reproduce a faithful world with 1.5 billion buildings, two trillion trees, mountains, roads, rivers and more. There is even traffic and animals scattered throughout the scenery.

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When is the launch?

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will be available starting August 18. In Brazil, the price varies depending on the edition purchased: the conventional one costs R $ 199; the Deluxe Bundle costs R $ 279 and the Premium Deluxe Bundle, R $ 339. The main difference between the editions is that they include additional aircraft and airports with a very high level of detail.

What platforms does it reach?

Initially, the game will be released for PC through Steam and Windows 10 platform stores. Versions for Xbox One and Xbox Series X are in development, but do not yet have a release forecast. Developer Asobo Studio must first tackle the challenge of adapting complex Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 commands for conventional video game control.


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