Microsoft faces ‘black employee’ investigation


Tech giant Microsoft has been investigated by the US Department of Labor for failing to comply with its commitment to increase the number of black employees.

Microsoft faces investigation for black employee commitment

In a blog post by Microsoft, it was reported that the company was investigated into the US Department of Labor’s commitment to increase the number of black employees and managers. The post asked the Department’s commitment to double the company’s black and African American employee and executive potential by 2025.

The Ministry asked the firm to present its stance on the subject and the road map for fulfilling the said development by October 29th. The firm’s lawyer, Dev Stahlkopf, stated that the decisions do not follow an illegal race-based path and said, “We are clear that the laws prohibit us from discriminating on the basis of race. We also know that as a company serving the federal government, we have positive obligations to continue to increase the diversity of our workforce. And we take these obligations seriously ”. He used his expressions.

On the other hand, the US Department of Labor invited the technology giant to submit the necessary documents to their parties by October 29. In addition, the Ministry warned the company not to resort to discriminatory practices in order to achieve these, although they can set positive discrimination targets to increase the employment of minorities and women.

Satya Nadella, a senior executive at Microsoft, said, “In June, when the Black Lives Matter protests continued, the number of black employees in the company would be increased. On the other hand, he underlined that they will increase their expenditures by 150 million dollars in the next 5 years to increase diversity.


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