Microsoft Extends Employees’ Work From Home Until October

epa07942258 (FILE) - The Microsoft Windows logo at the COMPUTEX, the largest computer show in Asia, in Taipei, Taiwan, 31 May 2016 (reissued 23 October 2019). Microsoft is to release their fiscal year 2020 first quarter earnings on 23 October 2019. EPA-EFE/RITCHIE B. TONGO

Technology giants, who have changed from home to work due to the coronavirus epidemic, started to inform their employees about the normalization process. Amazon and Microsoft have made working from home the new normal, informing their employees that “You can work from home until October”.

U.S. technology giant Microsoft has announced to its employees that they can continue working from home until October. As a result of the decisions taken in the state of Washington, where Microsoft’s headquarters is located, social isolation and the obligation to work from home ends on 31 May. With the end of the process, companies are expected to take normalization steps in their activities. However, Microsoft has announced that it will extend the process of working from home under Covid-19.

Extends Work from Home to October on Amazon
Microsoft decided to close its offices and sales points worldwide in March. Approximately 85 thousand of Microsoft’s employees have more than 144 thousand employees in the USA.

Amazon, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, announced last week that its employees can continue working from home until October 2. Microsoft then took a similar decision and extended the way of working from home until October.

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