Microsoft Excel will have cells with customized data


This Thursday (29), Microsoft introduced new features for Excel. Among the novelties, there is the possibility of adding customized types of data to the cells, which allows more organization and variety in the use of formulas.

Still in the testing phase for users of the Insiders program, the recent features are expected to arrive soon for all consumers thanks to Wolfram Alpha, a computational knowledge engine designed by the company Wolfram Research.

This data can be inserted as a complex and structured set of information in a single Excel cell, which makes it possible to reference it in future spreadsheet formulas in a more simple and intuitive way. In this way, for example, it is possible to import various data from a city grid, such as São Paulo, and create a reference to this cell to highlight information about the population or traffic.

Still in beta, the resources are expected to arrive soon for users of Microsoft 365, with more than 100 different data types and the possibility of customization. Especially important for companies that work daily with Excel, the news should further improve the experience of working with other tools such as Power BI, also the company owner, serving as a connection to bring even more types of data to the program.

With the integration with Power BI, companies will be able to connect different types of information in a practical way and also convert simple existing cells into intelligent versions, rich in data.

In addition, users can alternatively use Power Query to similarly transform various information from websites and other media into data types to be used in Excel cells. Both tools are available to users as an independent subscription service.


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