Microsoft enters the autonomous race with $ 2 billion


The future of urban mobility has just gained a new protagonist. This week, Microsoft announced that it will dedicate $ 2 billion to Cruise, joining General Motors, owner of the brand since 2016, in the race to launch autonomous cars.

Known by vehicles such as Origin and other prototypes that already run on the streets of San Francisco (California), the beneficiary’s market value, with the movement, reached an impressive US $ 30 billion – and it has among its investors, too, Honda .

It is expected that, after the merger, devices developed by the startup will have Microsoft Azure, a platform designed to run applications and services in edge computing – quite a step, since connecting products requires constant data exchanges.

The distribution of processing power helps to reduce latency and has the potential to create a more efficient and faster plant.

Speeding up scanning

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, the support of the cloud will be vital for the realization of an alternative transport business model, the main path to the profitability desired by Cruise.

If the contract is successful, users will be able to request one of the autonomous vehicles deployed to collect them and take them to their destinations, similar to what Uber and others offer, without, however, any human behind the wheel

All of this requires a back-end capable of efficiently managing a fleet and alerting to potential problems in real time, as well as handling maintenance or service requests and handling the regular process load – which will apparently be , provided by Microsoft.


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