A Microsoft Engineer Volunteered for Corona Virus Vaccine Test


Human testing of the vaccine developed by a US company against the Corona virus began yesterday. A Microsoft engineer is also among the first to test the corona virus vaccine.

Canada-based Moderna Inc., which continues to operate in the USA, has recently announced that it has developed the vaccine for the corona virus. The company started human testing of the vaccine yesterday after the permissions received. For the first time yesterday, 4 people received the corona virus vaccine.

Among the four people to whom the corona virus vaccine developed by Moderna was administered, is one of the Microsoft engineers. Neal Browning, one of Microsoft’s network engineers, volunteered for the vaccine study developed by Moderna and tested by the Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute.

Dr. Kaiser Permanente, the study leader of the corona virus vaccine study, which has been tested. Lisa Jackson said, “Now we are all a corona virus team. Everyone wants to do their best for this emergency, ”he said.

The first tests of the Corona virus vaccine are one of the important stages of the study. If the tests performed on four people give successful results, in the second step, 45 volunteers will be applied twice at different doses, one month apart. If the test process is successful, the production of the vaccine will be started between 12 and 18 months.


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