Microsoft ends TV channel list feature on Xbox

Microsoft is phasing out functionality that allows the listing of TV channels through the Xbox One operating system. Video game owners have until the May update to access cable service programming over the Xbox. The feature was part of the company’s efforts to gain more audiences by offering tools that centralize the use of video games in the living room.

Either way, the console of the previous generation continues to allow access to the TV or other video device via HDMI input. For those who do not know the feature, it is possible to access any video device, even a PlayStation, using the port.

Regarding the cut of the channel list, Jonathan Hildebrant, from Microsoft, explains that the choice was made based on customer feedback and that the company is constantly evolving the user experience. The post, written on Xbox Wire, also reinforces that the official USB adapters for watching TV in the video game continue to function normally.


Adapters for watching TV on Xbox One are very useful. With one of them, the user can play while watching television in PIP (Picture-in-Picture), rewind any programming within 30 minutes and even pause a program to play and return to where he left off later. In addition, it is possible to stream the TV program that is running on the video game to a compatible mobile device, also with pause and rewind functionality.

The new generation of consoles from Microsoft does not have HDMI input and still does not have as many adapters and devices as the previous models. Anyway, taking into account the company’s history, new releases compatible with the latest devices are expected to arrive in the coming years.



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