Microsoft: Employee Salaries Leak And Reach Up To $500,000


Microsoft: Spreadsheets with salary data for about 1,200 Microsoft employees were leaked on the internet this week. The information was separated by gender, race, ethnicity and even location of employees, in addition to reports containing complaints about salary inequality in the company.

Dozens of women shared their stories about the pay gap offered by Microsoft. According to Business Insider, who had access to the spreadsheets, some reports even contained complaints about employee behavior.

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In one of the documents, an employee says that staying out of meetings, having men speak for her on projects, or who deliberately ignore her ideas are common and “subtle” behaviors in the company’s routine.


About 600 employees on the spreadsheet identified themselves as software engineers in different units of Microsoft, including Azure, Office and Windows. Among them, the average salary is US$ 185 thousand (approximately R$ 1 million, in the current conversion).

“Basic-level” engineers earn $132 thousand, while senior-level professionals earn $217 thousand. The highest-paid employees on the spreadsheet earn an impressive $500,000.

Currently, Microsoft, the most valuable company in the world, has more than 190,000 employees. Therefore, it is noteworthy that the spreadsheet data — with salaries of just over 1,200 employees — represent only a small sample and not a 100% representative view.