Microsoft Edge will set secure passwords to your accounts


One of the main problems in cybersecurity begins with the users themselves. We are not referring to those who seek to obtain the data of others using malicious programs, but to each and every Internet user. And it is a fact that to log into a friendly website you have to enter a username and password, which unfortunately are very simple. Different companies worry about this and in the case of Microsoft they will provide Edge with a system that generates and saves passwords that are difficult to break.

Edge improves the security of your accounts on the Internet

Browsers are key to having an Internet experience. This term encompasses all the things that the millions of services that operate on the World Wide Web offer you. Some of them ask you to be a member of a page to see the content or interact with the rest of the users who are inside, so you need a username and password.

Of the two previous conditions the first is not a problem. You can put the nickname you want, but the important thing is the password. And there are still those who do not rake their brains in putting a secure password by varying alphanumeric and uppercase characters. So it may pay you in the future to use Edge and its new function that generates and saves passwords.

According to what they say in Techradar, the Canary and Dev versions of the new and improved Microsoft browser offer a system with which it is possible to suggest strong passwords. This feature is entered within the security settings, where it will give you the option to activate it whenever there is a password field to fill in again to enter a page.

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