Microsoft Edge will let you switch profiles while browsing


It is increasingly common to have specific credentials to enter on a phone, a computer or even an Internet browser. Thanks to this feature, each person maintains the properties of their experience in a program or device regardless of the one they use. In Redmond they have realized and proof of this is the arrival of the change of profiles in Microsoft Edge.

The change of users comes to Edge

Microsoft has done everything possible to get Internet users back to their browser. The key to everything has been to put the base of Chromium to resemble one of its rivals, so much that they work just as well. Redmond still have a lot of ground to go, but it is a matter of time before he acquires qualities that put him on par with the competition.

And among those improvements is the new profile change feature in Microsoft Edge. You may not know it, but it is possible to enter your Outlook or Hotmail account if you are a veteran to log in to your browser. The benefits are many, such as the possibility of transferring your sessions and history from one machine to another. This means that wherever you navigate you will always keep your session close at hand and you will not lose anything.

But if you have multiple accounts, you may be interested in the new feature that is being tested in Edge. This is already in the testing phase in the Canary and Dev versions for Windows 10 2004 and what it allows is to enter several accounts in a browser with the possibility of keeping them active. This helps a lot at an operational level, since it will be easier for you to jump from profile to profile whenever you need it as well as access their services.

This is how it works in Google Chrome

You may know that Google Chrome has a similar function to the one we are talking about. In the upper right it is possible to enter your Google account or the ones you have and the best thing is that when you enter the search engine it will do so from the active account. That way you do not have to leave one account to enter another, but you can use the Drive of the corresponding account by logging in once.

Of course, and for security reasons, remember that if you log in to an unknown computer, remember to log out so that they can spoof your identity or access your personal data.


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