Microsoft Edge will have the update just like Chrome


Microsoft announced, last Friday (12), a new policy of updates for Edge. As of the launch of version 94 of the browser, which should happen in September this year, the software will receive news every 4 weeks.

In a statement posted on its official website, Microsoft explained that corporate customers will have an option to receive updates every 8 weeks. The service, called “Extended Stable”, will be aimed at “corporate customers who manage complex environments and must balance the provision of new innovations with rigorous planning and testing”.

The company also pointed out that even those who opt for the extended period will have access to fortnightly security updates.

According to Microsoft, the decision was made to follow the same schedule of new releases every 4 weeks of Chrome. The Google program is also based on the Chromium source code.

In the browser of the company that owns the largest search engine in the world, the news will also reach consumers starting with version 94, which should be launched in the third quarter of 2021. The justification of the brand is that the resources need to be available more quickly to customers, eliminating a “gap”. Currently, patches are released every 6 weeks.

Chrome will also have its “Extended Stable”, which will deliver updates every eight weeks. The special program will be available to corporate administrators and developers.