Microsoft Edge Will Get Shopping Tab And Password Leak Alert


The Microsoft Edge browser turns two years old in January 2022 and has a release calendar full of new features that are almost ready to be integrated into the program.

The first new feature is a series of shopping functions built into the browser, which will arrive in November this year to help users purchase gifts for this Christmas. One of the confirmed functions is a pop-up that keeps track of the prices of items that are in your crosshairs, alerting the consumer when they drop in price and comparing with other stores.

This function will be added to new purchasing tools within the Bing search engine, which will also indicate products with ethical principles — that is, those that are concerned with sustainability and extraction of raw materials without environmental impacts, for example.

Leaked passwords and more

Privacy and digital security will also be taken into account at Edge. The new update includes a monitoring of leaked or publicly available batch passwords—comparing these codes with what you’ve saved in the browser to alert the user to make the replacement as soon as possible.

The browser can also serve as a password manager, saving and even creating new sequences automatically for you. This feature is still in the phase of gradual implementation and will be rolled out globally “in the coming months”.