Microsoft Edge will be released for Linux in October


After revealing plans to bring the new Chromium-based Edge to Linux earlier this year, Microsoft confirmed the arrival of the browser to the open source operating system for next October, in beta. The announcement was made by the company on Tuesday (22), during the virtual conference Ignite 2020 IT Pro.

According to the Redmond giant, Edge for Linux is currently in development, and will be released along with the browser update scheduled for next month. However, the exact release date was not specified by the brand.

It is also not known what features will be present in the debut of the beta version of the browser for the platform, as the company has not provided further details. Despite this, it is speculated that most of the functions found in the versions for Windows and macOS are made available.

The download can be made on the Microsoft Edge Insider platform, as soon as the new version is released. Another alternative is to download it using the native Linux package manager.

Version focused on IT professionals

As it did when launching its new browser for the Apple operating system, the owner of Windows should position Edge on Linux more as an offer aimed at developers and IT professionals, interested in testing web pages, from according to ZDNet.

Despite this, the program will be available to anyone, without restrictions, allowing its use by ordinary users, who just want to surf the internet, access websites, social networks and other online services.

Another announcement made by Microsoft, during the event, is that IT administrators will be able to more easily manage the “Internet Explorer mode” present in the browser. This function, which will reach all versions of the browser, allows access to old sites more safely.

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