Microsoft Edge: Users Complain About The New Installment Purchase Tab


Microsoft Edge: Last week, we announced here on that Microsoft Edge was getting a new shopping tab to allow consumers to split the payment in up to four installments. However, if here in Brazil we love an installment plan, the same doesn’t happen in the US, and several users began to criticize the new functionality, accusing the company of practicing “bloatware” (bloating the app with useless trinkets).

WindowsLatest published some of these comments this Thursday (25). In one, the user complains about the addition of unwanted features, stating: “People just want a solid, reliable browser with fewer distracting features. Even Bing’s features are getting too aggressive.”

Annoyed, another Edge user says, “It’s amazing how quickly you can throw away years of hard work and goodwill with a ridiculous feature like this.” Some complain that the new feature will encourage people to buy more items with the option to parcel your purchases, a habit that is not part of the North American culture. “This is a horrible idea. Cancel this project. You are making your browser worse”, summarizes another user.

What did the Edge 96 do to annoy users?

Launched last week by Microsoft, Edge 96 has, in addition to several internal improvements, the option “Buy it now, pay later” (BNPL) which, according to an article on the Insider Community Blog, “allows buyers divide their purchases into equal installments, usually interest-free, which can allow them to receive their purchases in advance rather than having to wait until it is paid in full.”

This BNPL option is already offered on several ecommerce sites, such as Target and Walmart. On Edge, Microsoft offers the service through a partnership with 3rd party Zip, to allow users to divide their purchases directly in the browser into four installments and within a period of up to six weeks.