Microsoft Edge update fixes bug on YouTube


Microsoft Edge: Microsoft recently released an update for Edge that fixes a serious bug that was occurring on the web version of Youtube in the browser. When watching videos from the platform in full screen on the browser, the program simply froze and stopped working.

After collecting complaints from users on forums like Reddit, Microsoft developed a fix patch for the problem. The novelty was available for a limited time only in the Canary edition of the browser, but has now been released to all Microsoft Edge users.

The patch that corrects the usage problems on YouTube is available with version 90.0.818.62 of Microsoft Edge. The update was released for the browser on Friday (14) and is being applied automatically in the desktop version.

If you are still suffering from the YouTube bug that makes Edge break, just search for updates in your browser. To do this, open the program, access the ellipsis menu in the upper right corner of the screen and click Settings.

Then, go to the “About Microsoft Edge” tab and wait for the update to Version 90.0.818.62 to be downloaded and installed. The changes will be applied after the browser is restarted.

The Youtube bug was not the only recent Microsoft Edge bug involving services from rival companies. Last week, Microsoft’s browser was marking rival Firefox’s installer as a virus.


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