Microsoft Edge speed and battery test


The new Microsoft Edge beat Google Chrome’s score in benchmark tests. Developed from Google’s open source Chromium project, Microsoft’s browser has more optimized performance and is adapted to Windows 10.

Based on results obtained by the AnandTech website, the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge surpassed both Google Chrome and the classic Edge, Opera, the old Internet Explorer and Firefox. The leadership was guaranteed in Speedometer 2.0, a test that assesses responsiveness in JavaScript-based tasks.

The same happened in the JetStream 2 test. The reworked version of the Edge reached the first place, triggered by scoring the second place, Chrome, followed by Opera and Firefox. The test evaluates the performance of the browser on 64 tasks in JavaScript and Web Assembly.

In two scenarios, in the WebXPRT and Kraken 1.1 test, Firefox leads, but the Edge with Chromium still outperforms Google Chrome in scoring.

Champion in battery life

In another important synthetic test, the revamped Microsoft Edge surpassed Google Chrome in battery life. It showed better energy use by a small margin, reaching 529 minutes against the 512 maintained by Google software in heavy activities until the end of the energy.

Surprisingly, he is not the first place, being surpassed by the old version, the classic Edge. The browser abandoned by Microsoft kept the computer on for 614 minutes on heavier tasks, even running with errors or problems during testing. In the flashlight of the table is Firefox, keeping the PC running for just 471 minutes.

Edge optimization on Windows 10 has clear reasons. Considering that Microsoft intends to leverage the popularity of the browser itself and establish more software in its ecosystem, it is likely that it is taking great care in optimizing the browser for Windows 10.

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In addition, Chromium-based Edge features a leaner version of Google’s browser. Microsoft modified the code and removed several native resources from the competitor’s ecosystem and must have ensured better numbers as a result.


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