Microsoft Edge Of Windows 11 Is Updated With Voice Typing


Microsoft Edge: This last Monday (4) Windows 11 began to be distributed among users and fans of the company of Bill Gates. In addition, the company also released the ‘Edge Dev Build v96.0.1032.0’ update for the browser version focused on the new operating system, with extra voice and text functionality.

In addition to the bug fixes, the update reveals a great feature for fans of voice commands. The Edge version for Windows 11 gained the option of typing by voice, allowing users to use speech to generate text in the browser.

How to use the novelty

To use the feature, users need a microphone and internet connection: just click the “Windows + H” buttons or the microphone icon. The functionality uses the voice services of the Azure platform and has been available in Windows 10 for some time.

The update also brings Microsoft Editor, the grammar assistance service for the company’s browser. Whenever users are writing on the Edge, the feature will activate and provide suggestions and textual corrections.


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