Microsoft Edge managed to grab users from Chrome


Many years ago the most popular internet browser was Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. However, in recent years, the majority of Internet Explorer users have been lost to Google Chrome. Realizing this situation a little late, Microsoft renewed its new generation internet browser Edge with the Chromium engine. The effect of this change has begun to be seen. While Microsoft Edge increased the number of users last month, it also managed to lower the market share of Chrome.

Data on the subject was shared by the research company NetMarketShare. NetMarketShare keeps track of which browsers users use to surf the internet. The method used by the company collects data only for certain websites. However, the size of the sample set provides access to meaningful data.

According to the latest issues, Microsoft Edge’s market share has reached 10.22 percent. A month ago, the internet browser’s market share was 8.84 percent. Edge’s market share was 5.60 percent in the fourth quarter of 2019. Although Edge ranks second among internet browsers; It is still well behind Google Chrome, which has a market share of 69.25 percent.

Mozilla Firefox follows Microsoft Edge with 7.22 percent. Internet Explorer ranks fourth with 5.57 percent. Apple’s web browser Safari, on the other hand, ranks fifth with 3.40 percent.

Google uses the usual scare tactics to attract Microsoft Edge users to Chrome. The company issues messages stating that users should prefer Chrome for security. Microsoft uses similar formulas to keep Windows users connected to Edge.

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