Microsoft Edge Limits Automatic Playback of Videos by Default


Microsoft Edge: Microsoft has added a much-requested addition to the community in a new version of the Microsoft Edge browser. As of edition 92 of the platform, the automatic playback feature for videos (autoplay) will not be enabled by default.

“To help keep your focus online, we’ve changed the default for auto-playing media from ‘Allow’ to ‘Limited’, starting with version 92 of Microsoft Edge,” says the program’s official documentation on the Microsoft website.

What’s the difference?

The limit option does not play videos without your permission on websites previously visited by the user. It was introduced two years ago, but until then it needed to be turned on individually in the browser settings to work.

This means that advertising players or content from visited pages will not start playing out of nowhere, disrupting navigation. The update in question has been released to some user groups and is expected to be fully implemented by the end of July this year.

Since 2018, the feature is already present by default in rival Google Chrome, which is the current leader in the browser segment. In the last update, version 91, Edge claimed to be the fastest browser to use on Windows 10.


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