Microsoft Edge grows in the browser market


This year Microsoft launched a new version of Edge based on Chromium, the same engine used in Google Chrome. Apparently, the change had a positive effect and more and more people are using the solution, which is now distributed natively on Windows 10.

According to a NetMarketShare survey, Microsoft’s browser currently has a 10.22% share of the browser market. While Edge is still a long way from reaching Chrome, the number represents a big jump compared to the 8.84% market share registered in September.

The evolution is also clear when comparing the annual figures. According to data obtained by NetMarketShare, Microsoft Edge had only 5.60% of the browser market share last year, when it was still in development.

Chrome leads, but registers fall

With the growth, Edge solidifies as second place in the browser market. The third position is with Firefox, with a share of 7.22% of internet users, according to NetMarketShare estimates.

Google Chrome is still isolated in the lead and dominates 69.25% of the market. Still, the browser registered a slight drop in users compared to last month, when the number was 69.94%.

In addition to being a benchmark for quality between browsers, Chrome is also the browser that comes pre-installed on Android devices, which guarantees an extra margin for the browser. The new edition of Edge only started to appear natively on Windows with the October update, which should help the program to gain more space in the market.

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