Microsoft Edge Gets Update On Windows 7


Microsoft Edge: Windows 11 is the main focus of Microsoft these days, but the company has not forgotten a classic version of its operating system. Last week, Microsoft released the new test version of its browser, Edge, and interestingly, the news also includes a feature for Windows 7, which no longer receives updates from the company, as well as general fixes to ensure greater stability and security for the browser on the old system.

Discreet Edge Dev version “96.0.1043.1” has the “Share” feature for Windows 7 and also implements the “Picture in Picture” (PiP) function. Similarly, the new update brings with it an extensive set of management options that allow users greater autonomy when selecting active policies in the browser.

Check out what’s new in the Edge Dev update:

Featured changes

Completed the implementation of the ability to search the web for an image in the context menu sidebar.
Management policies (note that updates to documentation or administrative templates may not have taken place yet):
Added a policy to control whether Application Guard upload blocking is enabled, which controls whether files can be uploaded from the Application Guard window.
Added a policy to control when Efficiency Mode is active.
Added a policy to control if the new SmartScreen library is enabled, which will be discontinued and removed along with the legacy SmartScreen library.
Added a policy to configure Force Sync Types, which determines which data types should be synced.


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