Microsoft Edge gets password manager on update


New update for Microsoft Edge introduces colorful themes and several new features for the browser. In celebration for the first year of the revamped version of the browser, now with Chromium in its source code, the company launched a new password manager, performance improvements, a new “drop-down” feature and new navigation icons.

The initial selection of themes includes a wide variety of themes, ranging from custom artwork to major Microsoft game franchises and films – including Microsoft Flight Simulator, Forza Horizon and Wonder Woman 1984. Options include new wallpapers and new colors for all the browser, giving several layers of customization.

Browser icons and menus have also been reworked to better match Fluent Design, the visual identity adopted in Windows 10. “In the latest release, you’ll notice minor updates to the Microsoft Edge icons, now more round and visually“ smoother ” ”Commented Liat Ben-Zur, a Microsoft executive who works on the company’s“ Modern Life ”initiative.

In parallel, the browser added the “suspended tabs” tool to improve the browser’s performance and maintain its progress on the site. It is an intelligent system to redirect resources from tabs little accessed to those that are in greater evidence and improve navigation performance without extracting more resources from the computer.

New password manager

Another important new feature of the browser is the password manager. In addition to saving passwords associated with online accounts, the browser can also generate strong combinations for creating new entries – and store them directly on the machine.

In addition, Microsoft has added a feature similar to Google Chrome, which checks the integrity of your password in Internet leaks. In practice, if your password is found in a leak over the internet, the browser will notify you that it has been compromised and you can perform a password renewal with a few clicks.

Finally, your browsing history and your browser activity will finally be synced to the mobile app. The tool is not new, but it significantly improves the browser experience in this software ecosystem built by Microsoft.


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