Microsoft Edge Gets Office Viewer Innovation

Microsoft Edge browser gets dozens of features with its new updates. Being in the race with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge is now getting a new feature in its beta version.

Users can normally open Office files via the plug-in in their Microsoft Edge and Chrome browsers. However, Microsoft Edge is transferring this task to the Office Viewer component with its new update.

Office Viwer innovation for Microsoft Edge

The Office Viwer tool, which Microsoft has tested as a beta, will allow users to open all Office files. Thanks to this updated feature; You will be able to open spreadsheets, presentations and documents in your current browser without the need to download them.

You can use this feature, which is currently available in the 92nd beta version of Microsoft Edge. If you have Microsoft Edge Dev 92.0.873.1 or later, you can enable the Office Viwer setting as follows;

  • Make sure you’re using Edge Dev 92.0.873.1 or higher
  • Click Settings and more
  • Select Settings Click Downloads
  • Then enable the setting selected in the picture below.
  • That is all.

This new tool offered by Microsoft is not much different from the existing add-on. Because both are capable of opening the necessary files for you. However, Microsoft Edge existing plug-in used on the web can also open OneDrive files apart from the new Office Viwer. However, both basically have the skills to see your business. You can open downloaded files with one of them, while with the other you can open all Office files on the internet without the need to download them.

This innovation for Microsoft Edge also eliminates the need for an additional PDF or file viewer. Therefore, there is no need for a different plug-in.



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