Microsoft Edge Gains Tab Sharing Across Devices


Microsoft Edge: The latest update of Microsoft Edge brought good news for those who are used to using the browser on multiple devices. We’re talking about sharing guides, which started to be released this Monday (21), according to Windows Latest.

Launched in the browser’s beta a few months ago, and now available in the final version, the feature gives users the ability to share tabs in a few clicks. Thus, a website opened on your computer can be sent to your notebook or smartphone quickly, without having to send the URL to yourself via email or message, for example.

When available, the new tool adds a laptop/mobile icon to the Edge’s address bar. When you click on it, the browser displays a list of devices on which you have the browser installed and associated with the same Microsoft account. Then just choose the gadget and submit the current page.

On Windows, the shared tab will appear as a notification from the Edge, including the page name and address. On Android and iOS, the shared link will appear in the notification tray, but at the moment the new thing only works if the phone has Edge Canary (beta) installed.

When arrives?

The function, which has existed in Google Chrome and Firefox since 2019, is gradually being released in the stable version of the browser. According to the publication, the news first reached a small group of users on Windows 10 and macOS, but will be available to everyone soon.

To check if the tool has been launched in your software, open Edge, go to any website and right-click on the address bar. If the function is available, the option to send the page to another device will be shown.


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