Microsoft Edge Gains Optional Side Menu; See How It Works


Microsoft is testing a new version of Microsoft Edge with a side menu with three new tools and two familiar but repositioned tools. The function is optional and aims to optimize the user experience without accumulating more icons in the navigation bar.

Although it is possible to customize which buttons are visible on the bar, depending on the user’s profile, the amount of installed extensions is already more than enough to pollute the browser’s interface.

Fun and productivity

A first interesting novelty is the “Discover” button, which will indicate sites and news based on the user’s browsing profile and the RSS feed function, which should arrive soon.

The Games button was already available in some versions of Edge and gives access to MSN web-based games, but via a dedicated menu on the top bar. The new version will bring the button to the side menu, but it opens a new tab when selecting the game. Therefore, it will not be possible to play Minesweeper directly from the panel, at least for now.