Microsoft Edge feature chooses your passwords for you


Microsoft Edge takes more and more body and presence with its new functions. Those of Redmond have put the batteries to return your browser to the site that belongs to you and everything indicates that they will continue with this dynamic. The last thing the signature brings has to do with cybersecurity and is that Edge will be able to choose new passwords for you.

New security features in Microsoft Edge

In the days of the new Explorer and the old Edge, the firm could only see how the rest of the apps grew at a rapid pace. But that time has passed and the company has a new weapon with which to measure itself at all levels. Thanks to the inclusion of Chromium, everything is much easier, faster and more secure when using Edge. And the proof of all this has to do with one of the functions that comes in version 88.

This novelty has to do with one of the weaknesses not only of browsers, but also of users. This is the use of the same password on different sites, something that is still a constant among Internet users. Given the continuity of this practice, the developers take action on the matter and therefore launch functions such as generating their own passwords.

When this happens the user can only trust software and for good. Instead of putting an important date that you remember, the machine will generate a random code with the most accepted characters, capital letters and numbers that are difficult to decrypt. Like the passwords with which you log in for the first time in some of the sites you visit, but automatically.

Best of all, Edge will take care of managing all these passwords for you. One point in its favor is that it is very comfortable, since every time you enter a new password the system not only shows you what you are going to put as the password, you can also choose another that is automatically generated in front of you. Then you just have to accept it and it will be saved automatically until you use it again.

The truth is that this function already exists both in other browsers and through extensions, although for the first time Microsoft’s browser has a system of these characteristics. We will see if more users return to the browser with it.


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